Upgrade Your Marketing Envelopes in This Dire Economy

By | October 9, 2011

You can even have your envelopes acquire additional roles like public promotions or advertising, if it is really needed in your campaign.

When the economy dampens, you should not shy away from your promotions. In fact, you should upgrade some of your tools and try to improve them to make them more efficient. In this guide, we will discuss why you should upgrade your marketing envelopes when the economy turns dire. Cheap envelopes with special upgraded designs are better for your campaigns than bare off the shelf envelopes. Why? Well here are the reasons why you should print those special custom envelopes in this bad economy.

1. It is more competitive – When the economy is in bad shape, you will need to be more competitive. In terms of direct mail marketing, having custom envelopes with custom designs and extra marketing content can do wonders and make your marketing efforts more competitive against rivals of course.

You will need that edge to get the most responses and the most positive results from direct mail marketing campaign. That is why it is good to use custom envelopes in your marketing even in a recession.

2. It is affordable – Of course, another great thing about using custom envelopes in marketing mails is because it is affordable. Unlike other extra expensive promotional materials and public relations mail, custom envelopes are very affordable. It is just an add-on design to your standard commercial envelopes really, so there should really be only a small increase from a blank envelope’s cost. That is why it is really practical to print those designs for the betterment of your business.

3. There is less risk in this investment – Also, take note that there is little risk in printing custom envelopes. The cost of printing envelopes with custom designs is pretty cheap when it comes to promotions. So you do not actually need too much money here.

The results that you get by using custom envelopes on the other hand will always be at least on the positive side since envelopes are meant to be open. As you can see, the reward risk ration is pretty much leaning on the better values. You can feel safe and secure knowing your custom envelopes will do its job effectively.

4. It is easy to create – Another great point why you should upgrade your envelopes in this economy is that it is just easy to do. You can easily create great envelope designs in no time at all. You do not even have to be an expert to do so. With tons of envelope templates out there and an equally large number of images, pictures, fonts and even software applications, you already have what you need at your finger tips once you are online.

So you do not have to be afraid that this is a complicated process. Custom envelopes are very easy to create nowadays and it is ideal really for people who do not want to increase the costs of envelope printing further by hiring a layout artist.

5. It is easy to adapt – Finally, since it is easy to create, envelopes are also easily adaptable. Once you get a concerning opinion about the reactions towards your envelopes, you can just change the original draft file and have them reprinted with the right information.

You can even have your envelopes acquire additional roles like public promotions or advertising, if it is really needed in your campaign. Whatever happens though, it should be easy enough to adapt those envelopes for the select tastes of your target market. So choose carefully and try to adapt your prints when you can.

Great! Hopefully now you are convinced that you need custom envelopes in this very iffy economy. Good luck!