Vasectomy – The Best Birth Control Option

By | December 28, 2011

I finally discovered the only reliable male birth control option – vasectomy. The only downside is that vasectomy reversal would not be pleasant. But I didn’t want more children and the inconvenience plus that risk, was too great. The birth control option my wife chose was far from 100% effective. As a security consultant I’m always thinking about this subject. And this began affecting our sex life because of how nervous I had become the about birth control risks.  Having a vasectomy solved my concerns. My concerns about “pregnancy” after a vasectomy have disapeared. Vasectomy is that effective and it was easy do.

Learning about vasectomy and finding a vasectomy doctor is also surprisingly easy. I did almost all my research online. After talking to friends, family and my doctor, I began searching the internet about the vasectomy procedure and reversing a vasectomy. Then I came upon It is really well organized permitting the user to find subjects in a step-by-step manner permitted me to get as in-depth as needed.  After learning that vasectomy is basically 100% effective, I became anxious about vasectomy pain and complications, the cost of a vasectomy, side effects and vasectomy recovery.  I learned that vasectomy is really a simple procedure. With a good vasectomy doctor and by following some common sense advice for recovery, there shouldn’t be complications. I decided on a no-scalpel vasectomy because that technique seemed a more gentle procedure.
Once I decided to have a no-scalpel vasectomy procedure, I thought I had to visit my family doctor again. However this was completely unnecessary. First off a referral isn’t necessary and secondly, has great article that guided me through the process of deciding what kind of doctor is right for me, finding vasectomy doctors and finally, choosing my vasectomy doctor. also has a search tool for finding a vasectomy doctor (and vasectomy reversal doctor) in the area. Clicking on a doctor’s name in the directory opens a page about the doctor vasectomy practice and leads to the doctors’ website.
My only real concern and for others who get a vasectomy is future regret because I wouldn’t want to have to reverse a vasectomy.  Fortunately vasectomy is reversible and the success rate is pretty good. However if I had to undergo a vasectomy reversal, there are some big downside risks.  First off, the cost of a Vasectomy reversal is high and not covered by medical insurance. Secondly, the emotional toll of reversing a vasectomy can be high.
Vasectomy is the most reliable birth control option for males.  My vasectomy took less than an hour at the doctor’s office, my recovery was pain free and I experienced no complications.  Compared to tubal ligation for a woman, it’s a breeze. As long as you are sure you will never want a vasectomy reversal, and then go for it.

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