Ways to Kick your Direct Mail Campaign into High Gear

By | September 27, 2011

Despite modern advancements in marketing, it seems that direct mail marketing will never go obsolete.

Despite modern advancements in marketing, it seems that direct mail marketing will never go obsolete. It remains an important part of a business’ marketing plan. But with mailing regulations getting more and more complicated and a lot of other business using the same direct mail material as you, it can be tough to stand out. You need to come up with the right message and stay visible to your customers if you want them to respond to your campaign.

Whether you are new or old to direct mail marketing, you still need to come up with a campaign that will capture attention quickly and motivate action at once. Here are great ways to make sure your direct mail campaign is as effective as possible:

• Consider giving something for free to your customers. This can be a free gift, information, or service.
• Print a teaser in front of your material or on the envelope to encourage readers to read more.
• Create an offer that is easy to respond to. Don’t make it like a marathon for them before they can buy your offerings.
• Used testimonials to prove your claim.
• Include interesting images in your direct mail pieces to capture attention easily.
• Use vibrant colors that will help deliver your message creatively. Online printing companies will give you affordable full color printing so you can save a lot on the printing cost.
• Create a good copy. If you are not a gifted writer, you can always hire a professional copywriter to do it for you.
• Graphic designers can help you come up with a great design for your materials. If you want a customized look, their professional help will be beneficial to you.
• Provide offers that can be understood at a glance. If people don’t get the gist of your offer in one reading, they won’t bother reading again.
• When promise on a benefit, make sure you can deliver it.
• Give your customers and prospects reasons to patronize your business.
• If you want to perk up your materials a bit, you can always make use of colored paper. This will give you better impact while delivering your message clearly and effectively.
• You can always consider putting a headline in your envelope. This is a great way to encourage people to open the envelope and read the material inside.
• Create a personalized design and message. This will help you communicate much easily with your prospects.
• You can always create a uniquely shaped direct mail material to capture attention easily such as die cut postcards. There are plenty of printing services out there that will help you do this.
• Track the result of your campaign. This will help you determine how your materials are progressing and if there are changes or improvements that needs to be done.
• Use short sentences and simple words so your message is easily delivered.
• Put as much white space as you can to help make the material look clean.
• Be sure to highlight the benefits you provide. People will be looking for benefits and not just features.
• Provide discounts, rewards, or incentives so your prospects will be encouraged to respond at once.
• Put a deadline to your discounts or rewards to create a sense of urgency.