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By | October 10, 2011

Varied people have differing views about web design for their all important existence over the internet.  While some believe that it is important to have a good design for one’s website, the others consider such design to be an integral part of one’s marketing efforts over the internet.  There are several reasons to it.  Research has it that every single component which makes the user applies his/her senses to works as a marketing tool.  Web design obviously relates itself to the viewing part of our overall senses.  Now, there are hardly any contradictions on the belief that the design has to be pleasing to the eye but is that all that you need to do to market your product or service effectively to the vast population hooked on to the internet.  There is, hence, more to the process of web design than just create a beautiful looking background.

Considering web design as a marketing tool, the first thing that goes into making a successful design is the understanding of the business and the target group of the brand for which the website is being constructed.  Therefore, this means that some consumer insight is essential before the process of designing the site is initiated.  Once such insights have been gained and assimilated the next step is to then join the dots and knit a web design which suits the requirement of the prospective visitors.  Some decisions will have to be taken which will include the kind of content that needs to be put on the website, the amount of text which needs to feature on the site and its seamless blend with the photographs to enhance the viewing experience and others.  All these decisions will have an impact on the final outcome of the web design of the site.

There are some do’s and dont’s which need to be followed as a thumb rule while devising the web design.  The first among them is that the interface of the website with the user should be high.  In other words, the user should not experience a change in the look and feel of the website when s/he browses through the different pages of the site.  Secondly, the amount of content should not be excessive.  More content in the <a href=”http://www.webdesign-seo.com.au”>web design</a> might get the reader switched off and move to some other website.  The aesthetics of the website should be kept high along with its other functional benefits to bring about an enriched visitor satisfaction.  Also, one could experiment with background sounds and flash applications to bring about an element of uniqueness in the website.  It is because of these factors that the job of creating a web design requires skill.

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