What Are GMAT Essays?

By | February 14, 2012

GMAT essays are taken in order to let student explore their analytical skills, generally students are required to write two essays in the GMAT test each for 30 minutes. GMAT essays are like a surprise test for the students in which they don’t know which topic will be given to them, this is why, passing the GMAT essay test becomes a challenge for them.

There are two GMAT essay topics, in the first topic; students have to write on a given issue while in another part students have to analyze an argument. This is the reason, managing time in the GMAT test becomes a difficult thing for them as they have to do everything in a span of 30 minutes, Therefore, it is recommended that student are not taking more than three minutes for the brainstorming session and crafting an outline for GMAT essay while for writing they should take at least twenty minutes and five minutes for the final proofreading the GMAT essay.

When it comes to write an essay on any argument by analyzing it, an ideal way to do that is to provide critical reception to it, in other words, you have to find faults in the argument along with powerful reasoning about the faults. You have to also provide some recommendations and suggestions in order to improve the faults that you traced out in the argument.

On other hand, you will be provided with two options when it comes to analyze an issue, they have to opt for either the pros or cons of the problem. If you think you know much about the pros of the issues then it is recommended that you go for this option but first develop powerful reason so as to why you have selected the pros.

Following are some of the tips that a student can follow while writing their GMAT essays:

1- The frequent use of transition words will work better for the GMAT essays, transition words like firstly or lastly are mostly preferred in the GMAT essay writing.

2- You must be very clear about the idea that you are going to show in your GMAT essays, for this, you should make an outline of ideas that must be clearly expressed to the audience.

3- Make use of a simple language that will not confuse the readers in any way, use of high pitch vocabulary is not in fashion anymore.

4- Sentence structure should be well-defined and well-developed because it will describe how much you know about essay writing.

5- You must have to proofread it as many time as possible because little mistakes would destroy the overall effect of your essay.

6- Don’t include any contradictory statement in the GMAT essay so as to maintain a level of coherence in the essay.

7- You can also get a rough idea on how to write GMAT essays by getting a sample GMAT essay from the internet.

Hence, you should make use of the above told information about the GMAT essay writing so that you can get some good grades in GMAT tests. Final words of advice are to be creative and innovative while working on GMAT essay.