What are the best methods to reduce business gas costs?

By | January 5, 2012

It’s well known that gas bills tend to rise in the colder weather, and business gas costs are no exception. Businesses regularly face rising gas costs in the winter, so consider these ways to keep your business gas costs down.

First, consider your business energy efficiency. Go through an online checklist or have a professional evaluate the building’s energy efficiency. This simple step will help you to better understand how your business is currently using gas and at what rate. You may be surprised to find that you can save money with a few simple fixes. One of the most common reasons gas costs rise is due to drafts entering the building from doorways or windows. A quick fix like window insulators or a simple repair can save your business money on your gas bill.

A professional evaluation can also reveal that human habits are perpetuating inefficiencies. For example, staff may have manual control over the building’s temperature and turn up the heat on a daily basis. These little additions can easily contribute to a rising gas bill. It’s a good idea to consider training your staff in energy efficiency. This skill is not only good for your gas bill, but will also reflect well on your business’s carbon footprint and ecological reputation.

It’s also a good idea to look for a service provider with a fixed rate plan for your business gas bill. A fixed rate that is agreed upon between the provider and your business for a predetermined amount of time means your gas bill will remain at the rate regardless of changing gas prices. You might want to consider consulting a professional advisor who can forecast gas prices over a certain number of months and help you determine if a fixed rate is the most cost-efficient choice for your business.

Keep in mind that a gas rate for a large business will not necessarily be the right cost for a small business. If you run a small or medium-sized business, you can consider choosing a gas service provider that will meet your needs. Be aware that some providers don’t cater as easily to small businesses, so your costs are sure to be higher. Comparing costs and service providers will allow you to find a rate that suits the size of your business appropriately.

Thus, with a bit of research and effort, keeping your business gas costs down is an attainable feat. Evaluating your business’ energy efficiency, negotiating a fixed rate and comparing costs will help you choose a service provider that will offer your business a fair rate on your gas service.