What makes a healthy Christmas tree

By | September 21, 2011

Experts advise you must choose wisely to see to it you have a healthy tree. This article will show you how

Experts suggest you must take wisely to insure you have a healthy tree.

When looking for a good quality Christmas tree the word ‘fresh’ tends to take form into everyone’s minds. So first of all, ensure you purchase a fresh tree. Branches should be springy and the needles should look healthy and lush.

There are a couple of quick tests you can do to make sure you have a healthy tree. One is a flying visual test, just looking at the colouring and see that it is deep and colourful with no dry looking sections on the tree and also look to see there are no broken arms on the tree. To ensure that your tree is not already dry, check that the branches are reasonably firm and see that the needles are flexible, strong and bright. To try out the needles you can hold gently 5 inches down one of the branches and gently force your hand to the tip of the branch. A healthy tree should keep on almost all its needles, without any coming off in your hand. Also bend one of the needles to make sure it is flexible and not dry and brittle, it will break down if it is to dry. You can also smell a good tree, if your tree is fragrant it is healthy.

There is a vast variety of Christmas Trees to choose from including the Silver Fir, Noble Fir, Norway Spruce, Scots Pine, and Swiss Pine. Spruce trees, particularly the Norway Spruce, used to be popular however their principal weakness is that they lose needles soon after cutting. Now the most popular selection is the Nordman Fir because it is softer to touch and continues its needles better.

It is becoming increasingly popular for consumers to purchase trees with roots or “Living Christmas Trees”. An important differentiation must be made here. There are “potted” trees which are dug out, with their roots trimmed and their are “pot grown” trees which have been grown in pots since seedlings. These “pot grown” trees have a much healthy rootage and are therefore much more likely to live after Xmas if planted. However the low humidity and mellow.