What to include to make your greeting card stand out

By | October 11, 2011

Greeting cards are great manner for you to spread around the season or the holiday cheer to all your clients.

Greeting cards are great manner for you to spread around the season or the holiday cheer to all your clients. Provide all of them with this trade print that is equipped with all your well wishes for them. for you to show your care for them, you can also provide some extra things for them like a special discount, free item or even a gift check. Always let all your clients know that you care for them and how they can trust your business through this kind of print product. To further improve your know how about these things, just read on below.

• The basic details – these trade prints is more often than not made of half fold paper material that forms four given pages. This is then inserted into an envelope and is then mailed to the indicated address.

• The direct mail distribution – if you will make use of these things for your direct mail promotions, you can have these things directly distributed to your clients mailbox through an arrangement with your local post office. The mailing service will simply print a code that will say is paid in bulk.

• The listing – you can also supply the mailing list of your clients database to your chosen printer for the simply and easy mailing services. If you want to target a larger range of clients for you to advertise your business especially during holiday season, you can also choose to attain list from your printer that specifies your selected area. The area or the demographic is your kind of client. Most of the time, these are those who more often than not get or purchase your business products.

• The dimension of the greeting cards and the envelopes – this is more often than not a half fold sheet of paper that forms four pages and is then inserted into the envelopes for the purpose of mailing. Common dimensions more often than not include the five by seven inches that folds into 3.5 by 5 inches that fold into 4.25 by 6 inches, and the ten by seven inches that folds into five by seven inches. This kind of cards can also have a portrait orientation or even a landscape. To make the long story short, with the portrait orientation, the plan can be laid out upright or even vertically. With the landscape orientation, the plan can be laid out in a horizontal manner. In addition, a common dimension will suit snuggly into any regular sized envelope. These envelopes can more often than not come in A6 that is 4 4/3 by 6 ½ and suit for the 4.25 by six trade prints. If you decide on modifying its dimension, always keep in mind to have an envelope that is also modified as well.

• The paper stock and the finishing – these trade prints are printed on paper, specifically the 100lb paper stock gloss cover that is the same with the common magazine covers. It is commonly a bright white with a smooth stock that is perfect for color and image making where the base white color of the paper material sustain its clarity.

• The colors – even though greeting card printing services is more often than not divided into four given pages, when it comes to the specs of the colors, a printer will always provide you a front and back cover in full color.