Where Can I Put Product on a Trade Show Display?

By | September 26, 2011

Companies attending tradeshows and conventions absolutely need eye-catching and enticing booths to draw potential customers to their area. But once the hardware is bought, shipped and set; there should be some methods to your tradeshow madness Candy Adams, a.k.a., “The Booth Mom”, wrote a very useful article “Top Ten Tips for Successful Exhibiting” that addresses many issues that should be taken into consideration by all marketing departments. The Ten Tips-in brief-were as follows: 1. Pinpoint your target audience and focus your message on their needs. 2. Identify and prioritize the top three reasons why you are going to each trade show. 3. Set strategic, measurable show goals and objectives. 4. Determine which products or services you will showcase and how you will display/demonstrate them. 5. Produce an attractive, uncluttered exhibit that invites visitors to enter. 6. Use high-impact graphics that focus on your hottest prospects’ needs and wants. 7. Pre-Show, At-Show & Post-Show Promotion: Don’t miss your chance to reach out to your hottest prospects. 8. Prepare your exhibit staff for “show business”. 9. Before the show, plan your entire at-show lead-gathering and post-show lead management process. 10. Don’t skip the follow-up! Have a plan in place to fulfill all requests for information after the show. *(Ms Adam’s full article addresses each tip in detail and may be found on her website)* Over the next two weeks, we would like to address Tips 4, 5 and 6; as these are relative items that ExhibitTrader2.com can assist you with. First, Tip 4 regarding displaying your products and services; Ms Adams advises the following in regard to such: • The most powerful word on the trade show floor is “NEW!”, since most visitors attend tradeshows to discover hottest products and services. • If your exhibit is supporting a new product launch, time is of the essence in having not only the product, but demonstrations, trained staff and marketing collaterals ready. • If you have a large product line, display only a sample, whose solutions are most pertinent to your audience’s identified needs. • Visitors to your exhibit want to experience your product or service, not just walk past it. Make their experience as interactive, and as memorable, as possible. The question for us to answer is, “What is available in our Trade Show Display product line to fill this need.” Many of our modular exhibit designs incorporate various shelving systems; waterfall or straight-arm apparel brackets; literature racks; and/or freestanding counter top space on which to display product or literature. Podiums, display counters, workstations and kiosks-some with locked storage space- are often either part of the display package or can be added as an option. LCD monitors-large and small-are available if you prefer to explain your product or service in this manner. Often clients will bring only a few samples of a larger product line (as The Booth Mom suggests); and display the full line utilizing monitors or interactive kiosks. Display cases are available in various sizes, styles and price ranges for showcasing items. Our display consultants can recommend the best modular display designs based on your specific needs. Next week, we will look at ways to ‘create an attractive, uncluttered exhibit that invites visitors to enter’ (Tip 5).