Why online dating isn’t just for “geeks”

By | October 6, 2011

Whilst it might be true that the internet – and computers in general – might have had a bit of a stigma for only being popular with “geeks” very, very early in their existence, it’s far from the case now. Think about it, everyone uses the internet (and computers) every day now, and for many people, it’s actually a way of life.

There isn’t any social stigma about using social networking sites or spending your time online playing games with friends any more (not that there even should have been in the first place), and with the launch of crazes like Facebook, Twitter and eBay, the internet is a part of everyone’s life. In fact, it’s decidedly cool.

With there being no stigma about making full use of the internet, it also means that there is absolutely no social stigma about the concept of online dating, or meeting your perfect partner online. Whilst it might have seemed a little “strange” to many people at first, after people realised how much easier it was to search for someone with a similar personality and interests to you on a dating site than it was to trawl through pointless date after pointless date with people you have nothing in common with, it soon became something that most people didn’t even think twice about.

However, many people considering using online dating sites still feel shy about registering on them. Whilst people who aren’t particularly technology-savvy might worry about what their friends or family might think about them looking for love on a website, there’s absolutely no need to. The truth is that no-one cares any more.

A popular reason for not registering on one of these sites is the feeling that someone who does might feel like a “failure” for not being able to find life in more “real life” situations. However, this is absolutely ludicrous. Just because you want to find someone that’s right for you on the internet, doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t be able to meet someone on a night out that took an interest in you. In fact, it can be quite the opposite. A popular reason for registering on a dating agency site for many is the fact that it can be very hard to meet people with similar interests to you in a social situation. Being able to use a search filter on a dating site to make sure you’re looking for someone with similar hobbies and of an ideal age immediately makes it more likely that you’re going to meet someone that you at least have a fair amount in common with.

Whilst it’s impossible to guarantee you’ll meet your perfect partner online, it’s certainly fair to say that there’s a better chance you’ll meet someone you have plenty in common with on the internet than on a night out at your local.