Why were the Littman stethoscopes the first choice for almost all of the doctors?

By | September 23, 2011

One of the most famous names in the world of stethoscopes used by is the Littmann Stethoscopes.

One of the most famous names in the world of stethoscopes used by is the Littmann Stethoscopes. Littmann Stethoscopes have become immensely popular in no time and most of the doctors; especially the heart specialist and the cardiac experts happily go for using Littmann Stethoscopes and make this brand their first choice. The reason for this is because the Littmann Stethoscopes are the only brand of stethoscopes that provide the desired quality for the instrument and no other brand can simply compete with the magnificent quality of stethoscopes that this company ahs to offer to the world.

If we take a glimpse in the history of the stethoscope in making, then we can easily find this out that this stethoscope, known as the Littmann stethoscope was built by a genius who belonged to the Harvard University and was a cardiac researcher in the same institute. His name that became a legend in the world of medical science is Dr. David Littmann. He had given the world one of the most incredible gifts that has made it possible to save countless lives in this world by the invention and installation of new techniques and methods of dealing with the body sounds, both internal and external, of the patients. This process of listening to the body sounds and then diagnosing or determining the illness of the patient is known as auscultation.

Auscultation is an extremely important part of treatment for the patients who are mainly suffering from lungs, heart of abdomen problems. What the doctors does is that he or she puts the stethoscope on the chest of the patient and listen to the low-pitched internal sounds that are not audible to normal years. The sounds are of such low frequency that only a stethoscope can detect them. There are also high pitched or higher frequency sounds, which can be also detected by the same Littmann stethoscope, just by doing slight tuning or adjustment or by changing the pressure in the old ones.

Coming back to the history behind the invention of the Littmann Stethoscopes, Dr. David Littmann invented a new breed of stethoscopes in the year of 1963 sitting in the Harvard university which not only helped the doctors to help analyze and hear the low pitched internal sounds of the patients but also the high pitched sounds of the patient, using the same stethoscopes. This was possible for the first time in the history of stethoscopes, and this led a surge of excitement all across the world. But Mr. Littmann continued with his advancements and finally started selling the stethoscopes under his own name. His company the Cardio Sonics Inc. was one of the most famous companies in the entire Europe and it made a huge business in only 5 years.

In the year of 1967, the company as sold to IBM and it was from then that IBM started to manufacture market and sell the product. But just to pay some sincere respect to the legend, the product was manufactured under the name of Littmann and was known as the Littmann Stethoscopes.