Why you need to Convert PSD to HTML and PSD to WordPress

By | September 22, 2011

There are many factors, which enhance website performance and the web design is one of these factors.

There are many factors, which enhance website performance and the web design is one of these factors. Others are web development aspects such as creating web content and also carrying out keyword research for the contents submitted to directories. Web design entails many aspects such as the web formats, web content, as well as text and image presentations. Some formats such as PSD need to be converted into those formats, which are easily readable by search engines. Converting psd to html and psd to xhtml implies that the search engines can recognize, read, and display search results of your website.

When you convert psd to html and psd to xhtml, the website visibility is enhanced. Search engines have become very selective in their performance. They require unique web content, which is of the highest quality. Consequently, the contents submitted to directories have to be unique, relevant, and of good quality. At times, you may have the right web content submitted to directories, blog pages, and social media networks but the search results are poor. At other times, you may have a website with elegantly designed formats but they are not readable by search engines like Google thus the search results do not appear on the first hits.

Similarly, you may have a good keyword research used in your web content submissions but the website traffic is low. This may imply that there are web design aspects, which need to be revised and perhaps the formats are some of the most important features. If your website has been created using the PSD format, it is the high time you took a bold step and ensured that the format is converted into easily readable formats such as Magenta, Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress. For example, you can convert psd to html and you will notice an improved performance of your website if the other web design and development features are in order.

By converting psd to html or psd to xhtml formats, the website visibility is increased. The traffic drawn is huge and this means that your product and services can sell more. Another reason why you need to convert psd to html is that you improve on the cross browser compatibility. Today, there are various browsers you can use to access information on the Internet. For example, there is Firefox, which is one of the most used browsers. There is also Chrome, Safari, and Explorer.

If your website format is not supported by either of these browsers, this means that some audience readers will not be able to access your web pages. Therefore, you need to convert psd to xhtml and psd to wordpress theme. To sum it all up, if you want to draw huge targeted traffic in your website so as to create your business brand name awareness and sell your products and services, you have to ensure that search engines can read the web formats used in creating your website and also that the different browsers can load the webpages.

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