Why You Need To File an Actos Lawsuit

By | September 22, 2011

Actos is an American drug that is used to treat type 2 diabetes. It’s an anti-diabetic drug and its medical name is pioglitazone HCI.

Actos is an American drug that is used to treat type 2 diabetes. It’s an anti-diabetic drug and its medical name is pioglitazone HCI. The drug has different names in Europe and Mexico being called Glustin and Zactos respectively. The main purpose of Actos is to increase the body’s sensitivity to insulin and control sugar levels in the body. It can take up to six weeks before the drug taken can start being effective in the body. To be noted is that Actos has been used to treat diabetes for the last ten years. It is therefore supposed to be taken regularly and the patient will need to eat a well balanced diet and exercise more to increase his or her immunity.

This drug was introduced to the American market sometime in the year 1999 although it did not become controversial as soon as it hit the markets. Actos had been discovered to have serious side effects for a small number of patients who used it. It was linked to heart diseases, bladder cancer and cardiovascular problems. In September, the actos lawsuit was filed against the manufacturers of the drug. In Germany, researches were done to patients who used Actos and a number of people were found to have the mentioned side effects, one of the most serious being bladder problems which, for some patients, gradually developed to cancer. The actos lawsuit for bladder cancer claims alleges that the drug manufacturer was negligent and didn’t put the patients’ interest first. They instead went ahead and introduced a drug with grave side effects to a market which already had many people affected by diabetes. Actos being a new drug, everybody went ahead and started to use it out of trust from the company and over time, it led to the patients developing the bladder cancer and heart problems.

Since Actos has been discovered to have damaging effects to the bladder and causes cancer, it is important for a person seek an attorney who is experienced with such kind of lawsuits. The lawyers will be able to represent and try to find how the victim can be compensated for the damage that has been caused. It is easy to determine whether Actos has a side effect to a patient. For a person with diabetes who didn’t have any type of cancer or bladder problem before starting to use Actos, then they stand to have a viable case which will be more straight forward to the lawyers and the actos lawsuit can be easily won and compensation paid.

There are several companies which can offer an attorney to an Actos side effects victim. Most of them are non government organizations and human rights activist. They believe in the right to human life and that nobody should be put at risk especially if the end result can be the death of a patient. Their rebellion against Actos has even led to several governments, e.g. in France and Germany to totally ban the drug in the market and the drug making company obliged to make the Actos lawsuit settlement to all the victims by paying for their medical bills and even insuring the victims health.