Winning Headline Approaches With Presentation Folders

By | October 5, 2011

The winning headline configurations that you might want to go for. Make sure you choose the best one that will apply to your presentation folder theme

Besides the design, the headline of your presentation folders will dictate if it succeeds or fails as an aid in your report. That is why you should not just take these headlines for presentation folders lightly. You should in fact try to compose winning headlines using very specific approaches. To help you get started on this pat to winning headlines for color presentation folders, let me give you five of the easiest styles that you can try out. Below you will these winning headline styles that you might be able to adapt for your use.

1. The one word impact – You do not need long winded headlines if you are creative enough with your presentation folders. In fact, if you are good, you can use just one word or maybe a good phrase to get a colossal amount of impact in your target audience. This headline concept can be said to be “the one word impact” type headline that captures readers with a short but powerful word or phrase.

From simple headlines such as “unbelievable profits” to things that are a bit more complicated like “Domination” where there are lots of hidden meanings, you can really be subtle and powerful with these kinds of presentation folder headlines and titles. Try composing your own one word titles and see how great and creative they sound.

2. The expert authority approach – Now, if your presentation folder content is of course made by an expert or professional such as you, you might want to use that expert authority and advertise it in your presentation folder headlines. This so called expert authority approach can help people trust the folder’s contents more since they will know early on that real professionals have done this or are recommending it.

So write up something like “As recommended by Prof. Dalton” or maybe even like “Endorsed by Dr. Spacey” and you will see that the mention of experts will have that better and more positive effect on your folders.

3. The teasing folder – It is also possible to not reveal the main objective or message of your presentation folders and in fact tease readers about it. This is a great concept that helps exploit most people’s curiosity or their need to know anything that is secret.

So by teasing people about some certain “forbidden” or hidden type knowledge, you will generate a more specific and intense kind of interest from your readers. They will be more excited to actually open those folders if you tease them about some great facts or benefits inside your prints.

4. The urgent reading approach – If you want immediate results from your presentation folders, you can try out the “urgent reading” approach to your presentation folders. When writing in this style, you are simply just telling people to respond quickly before their chance to get benefits disappear.

This is effective because people do in fact act quicker and respond quicker if they understand that there is a time limit. So by telling people they must read your folders before they miss out on something, you are guaranteeing real quick responses from your color presentation folders.

5. The social proof approach – Lastly, you can use a headline based on social proof. For example by presenting headlines for presentation folders that convey a testimonial as a premise, you can help people gain a better understanding and a better more positive perspective on your presentation folders.

Since they can read that other people already have that positive review, they are more willing of course to trust and really understand what those headlines are saying. A simple example of this would be a headline something like “8 out of 10 women agree…” This helps people take into consideration that social proof in their decisions about your presentation.

So those are the winning headline configurations that you might want to go for. Test these out very carefully. Make sure you choose the best one that will apply to your presentation folder theme.